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Oh Crap!


Posted on 2011.06.12 at 13:27
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Found out last night from my youngest sister that my other sister is pregnant again.  Despite saying she's through with her idiot "husband", it seems they've stayed rather close.  She also said she was so strapped for money with just Logynn around, so not sure how she's going to make this work.

I wouldn't be so bothered by this aside from the fact that, just like Logynn, the baby will be everyone else's issue to deal with.  I adore Logynn to pieces and would do anything for him, but any time my sister has a problem with him or anything else, we all get dragged into it somehow.  And Logynn's only 10 months old, so I'm not sure how she's going to handle two little babies.  I guess I just wish she'd show a little common sense once in a while so she wouldn't have to play the victim all the time.

She hasn't told anyone else yet.  Apparently, she's afraid to tell me because she thinks I'll judge her harshly.  Yes, I'll judge her sanity on this one because there are way too many unpleasant variables with it, but I don't hate her or anything.  I think she's also still nervous about stuff like this in the face of James' death. 

Well, let's see how long it takes her to tell everyone.  I'm betting on the information being revealed at Logynn's birthday at the end of July.  My sister is very dramatic and will want to tell everyone at once.  We'll see if I'm correct.

EDIT:  Poo, lost that bet.  She told the immediate family at dinner at Mom's last night.  Well, we'll see how this pans out...

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